Getting Started with Hall-Effect Sensors Using the MAX9921

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Get the Highest Level of Safety with an ASIL D Battery Monitor IC

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How to Obtain Constant Audio Output Levels Using the MAX9814's Automatic Gain Control Feature

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How to Save Power in Your Next Portable Project Using the MAX32660 Deep Sleep Feature

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Nanopower Ideal Diode vs. a Schottky Diode

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Introduction to the MAX17301 and MAX17311: 1-Cell ModelGauge m5 EZ Fuel Gauge with 2-Level Protector

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How to Safely Demagnetize Your Inductive Load Using SafeDemag

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Easily Secure Your Medical Disposables

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Fundamentals of Industrial Control Devices

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How to Use the MINILOAD Evaluation Kit

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What is DSM and How Does It Work?

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Amplifier Offset and Gain Error in a Signal Chain

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Plug-and-Play Battery Fuel Gauging with the MAX17262 and ModelGauge m5 EZ

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What is IO-Link?

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Monitor System Loads with Current-Sense Amps

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Why Every Car Needs These High-Speed Serial Links

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Webscope Waveform Viewer

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Increase Battery Life and Efficiency with PMICs at Less Than Half the Size

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Taking PC Security to a New Level

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Dual IO-Link Master Transceiver: MAX14819 Demo

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