Getting started with AEKD-USBTYPEC1 evaluation kit for USB power delivery protocol stack

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The AEKD-USBTYPEC1 evaluation kit is designed to let you test the USB Power Delivery protocol stack implemented on the ASIL-B automotive grade 32-bit Power Architecture® microcontroller SPC58 C (Chorus) line (from 1 to 10 MB flash, single or multi-core, including ISO CAN FD and Ethernet peripherals).

Key Features:-
- Kit consisting of two boards:
- Dual-port USB Type-C function board (AEK-USB-2TYPEC1)
- SPC58 Chorus discovery board (SPC58EC-DISP)
- USB Power Delivery software stack pre-loaded on SPC58 discovery board
- Power board connector on USB function board
- Power Data Objects (PDO)
- 5 V 500 mA available without external power board
- other PDOs possible if a compatible power board (not included) is
- Downloadable (STSW-USB2TYPEC1) compiled flash image firmware
- Portion of connector on SPC58 Chorus discovery board available for
extensions as part of the AutoDevKit development initiative
- All key ST components are qualified automotive grade
- RoHS compliant

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