Making 5G NR Grid of Beam Measurements OTA

Making 5G New Radio (NR) Grid of Beam Measurements Over The Air (OTA) With a Field Master Pro™ MS2090A High-Performance Spectrum Analyzer

During this video, you will learn more about the grid of beam concept, introduced by 3GPP to define how a 5G NR carrier signaling block should be decoded and the kind of strategic channels the SSB contains (PSS, SSS, and PBCH/PBCH-DMRS). To illustrate the 3GPP requirements, a 5G NR carrier with 100 MHz bandwidth and sub-carrier spacing of 30 kHz. You will also see how to setup and utilize the Field Master Pro MS2090A high-performance portable spectrum analyzer to synchronize onto a 5G NR carrier and decode the required channels. The demodulation of this 5G carrier enables a user to quantify how good or poor the transmission is from the network with all measurements being done over the air.

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